Frey pillow – a wedding gift to be remembered

Frey pillow – wedding gift to be remembered


You don’t have an idea for a wedding gift? Maybe we can inspire you.

We’ve got a order for custom luxury pillows that will be a wedding gift. Good idea, right? What can be more beautiful than a personalized gift, especially if it is attractive as a Frey pillow…

First, we created a sketch of the embroidery in order to position it properly on the pillows so we can match all the details.

Wedding gift - luxury pillow

Since the embroidery is very rich, we have chosen a gentle white base color. When you bring the pillows together – embroidery makes one whole story just like the newlyweds. Their names Ivana & Marin are highlighted with a golden embroidery that brings the dose of elegance in pillows design.

Wedding gift - luxury pillows with love embroidery

Frey wedding pillow with embroidery

Wedding gift - personalized pillow

The newlyweds have received the perfect wedding present that will remind them forever on that special day. Filled with goose down feather and designed with a water repellent fabric, pillows will be adorable decor for the living room, as well as for the outdoor terrace. With its story and beautiful design, in each room they bring a romantic atmosphere.

Wedding gift - luxury pillows with embroidery

Tell the story in your own way. Choose a gift to remember and bring happiness to you or others.

Frey wedding pillow

Frey wedding gift sketch

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