Frey pillows are going on a journey

Frey pillows are going on a journey

Through our online store we received an order of pillows from the Yacht and Home Collection.

Instantly we liked the chosen combination. Emerald shade from collection Around the Cape Horn with a small but powerful details gives depth, while the stripes on pillows from the Royal Ocean collection give a touch of exoticism and freshness.While designing a pillow from Royal Ocean collection we used  Sunbrella Satin fabric that gently shines like silk which brings elegant touch in nautical design.

After a precise creation, filled with fine goose down feather –  pillows will win you over with style and softness. Designed with love, stylized with details and carefully wrapped – Frey pillows are going on a journey to  their new owner.

Discover the world of Frey luxury pillows and find pillows that will tell your nautical story.

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