Personalized pillows for Lagoon 570

Personalized pillows are always a desirable decor on yachts and boats – they simply make the yacht unique.

When it’s about charter it’s very difficult to bring personality to the yacht interior.  Owners of the Lagoon 570, the Nautika Centar Nava wanted exactly that – to distinguish their catamaran from other boats.

Mission – distinguish Mala from other boats

The solution is simple. We will personalize the Lagoon 570.

The idea was to design pillows with boat name embroidery. The owner wanted original embroidery font for pillows, but design was left to us.

Personalized pillows for Lagoon570


Pillows with decorative rope, sea motifs and boat name are perfect combination for catamaran Mala.


We were inspired with our favorite collection, the Navy Admiral, during the creation process for Mala pillows. The simple and elegant design in navy blue color fits perfectly with the beautiful teak that prevails in the interior.

Personalized pillows for Lagoon 570


We have designed white pillows with a coral and shell emboidery in beige as a link between blue and neutral tones in the ambience.

Personalized pillows for Lagoon 570


With unique and personalized pillows and the complete textile redesign that we have previously made, Lagoon 570 has got a new personality ?.

Personalied pillows for Lagoon 570


And now, Mala is ready for the sailing around the world.

Personalized pillows for Lagoon 570