Frey luxury pillows – yacht decor for priceless moments

Frey luxury pillows – yacht decor for priceless moments

Nautical style does not only mean a love for sailing, it means a way of life. For yachters and funs of such lifestyle is rightly said that they enjoy good things in life. To take a break from everyday life and enjoy in small, special moments is precious. A cup of coffee or tea, a good book, cozy armchair or sundeck with soft pillows – priceless.

To always have contact with sea you love so much, even when you’re not near it, Frey creates for you a pillows that bear part of some sea stories. We design them with great love thinking of your happy moments that you share with your loved ones, whether you give them pillows as gifts or you simply enjoy relaxing on them together.

For your soft and comfy pillow we always choose  light and natural goose feathers. Proven – goose feather are the best material for filling the pillows that retain heat and moisture barrier. It is interesting that such a feather filling can withstand up to 100 years.

Just like the FREY name meaning our pillows also carrie a great nautical strength. It is water-repellent and resistant to UV rays, you can be really relaxed in the sun or rain. His fabric has up to a 5 year warranty and does not discolour not if you use it in the boat’s exterior or for the patio of your home, and because of its timeless design fits into any space.

Your little moments of enjoyment does not have to be only in a room, living room, lounge terrace, but also in every room of the boat’s interior or exterior – it does not matter – because you can scatter your pillows and relax where you want and create your little careless and pleasant oasis as Frey pillow isn’t affected by rain, sea nor the sun 🙂

  Choose the sea story and pillow collections that describes your style.