Luxury pillows: accessories that bring magic to your yachtAfter assembling curtains in the Damor Fjera 980 yacht, it was time to sparkle the yacht's interior and exterior.

“We all had such a nice day. I love working with clients who are open minded and who throw in a few ideas themselves” – Vanja, owner and creative director of Frey


Vanja finds inspiration right on the deck of the yacht. Inspired by the sea, the Sun and the nautical way of life, she visualizes the colours, textures and where the decorative pillows have to be. That way she delivers astonishing yacht staging and stylish interior yacht decor for our clients.


The Exterior


You can never go wrong with blue and white stripes – the King and Queen of nautical fashion. Adding personalized embroidered pillows of the same colour as the Frey table cloths just adds that little missing part – a touch of elegant personality – to complete the exterior yacht staging.


This is the first sketch of the customised embroidery for the luxury pillows. It’s fascinating to see how ideas turn into life, isn’t it?


The Interior



The yacht interior blossoms with purity. Our decorative pillows give the needed note of contrast against the white interior boat cushions and the curtains (which Frey also made).


As we in Frey always say, Luxury is in the details. So if you ever need yacht staging or interior yacht decoration contact us at: