FREY yacht decor in elegant satin pouch

FREY yacht decor in elegant satin pouch

Our clients wanted custom made throw pillows with nautical touch and sophisticated design. We were very happy to design it cause it was completely in style that we live and make.

For pillows design we have chosen the eternal classic – a combination of navy blue and white color with golden details. Style of Midnight Sailing pillows collection was exactly what we wanted – at the same time they are powerful and elegant.

outdoor pillows with luxurious packaging

Except from being beautiful and desirable accessories in decor, small pillows are very practical. They are filled with fine goose down feathers so they provide a cozy softness. Pillows can fit in “every pocket” so our customers are using them even when they travel by plane – flight is more comfortable with Frey pillow.

luxury pillows - luxurious packaging


Luxurious packaging for luxury pillows

In order to complete the whole story we decided to design luxurious packaging for pillows. We have sketched a drawstring pouch that will completely fit in our style. We’ve chose satin fabric in gentle beige shade and we have embroidered Frey logo that decently fit and creates wonderful effect on drawstring pouch.

luxurious packaging

As we always love to match everything up to the last detail, we’ve tied satin pouch with a decorative rope which brought dose of luxury in Frey style.

Luxurious packaging

Satin pouch is fashion accessories for luxury pillows, but later our clients can keep their personal things in it- that is why is so perfect ?.

luxurious packaging od luxury pillows

Choose Frey design for you or bring a smile on your loved one´s faces with a pefect gift.

luxurious packaging with satin pouch