FREY pillow for the day when you say YES : )

FREY pillow for the day when you say YES : )

Wedding is one of the days in life to remember. To get everything perfect and special you must think through to every detail. Our client decided to try different cushion for the rings as opposed to the classic ring barrer pillow so our job was to create wedding pillow and style it.


In order to be really special, we decided to design personalized Frey luxurious pillow embroidered with the names of bride and groom and wedding date in gold thread – gold color is always the color of glamor. For base fabric color we chose timeless white that has always been a symbol of this great day. Styling of the wedding pillow filled with fine and soft goose down feather – we ended up with lace detail as the final touch to this elegant gift.

Wedding pillows with personalized emroidery

Dinka & Marin got a unique gift that will always remain a special memory of this day, and later it can be used as a decor in any room in the interior or exterior because Frey pillow is water repellent – whether it comes from the rain or the tears of happiness on that great day 🙂

Wedding pillow with personalized embroidery

If you  want this unique detail for your day or someone elses – send us your desired text or monogram, and we will make sure that your special day is really exceptional.

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