Frey Luxury Pillows Set Sail For USANot only are Frey Luxury Pillows required for yacht and home decoration in Europe, they are also very wanted around the world.

Frey Luxury Pillows find a new home in USA

One person in particular from the USA found Frey Luxury Pillows very attractive, and from the very moment the lovely lady contacted us, the communication and the whole process went with a smooth and quick flow. It was a pleasure to cooperate with her and straight away we knew that our pillows for yacht and home decor were heading towards a caring home ?

Frey Luxury Pillows to be shipped for USA

A touch of elegance with Navy Admiral pillow collection

The future owner of the decorative pillows knew what she wanted, what style she needed and we found it highly pleasurable to work with a person with such great taste for decorative details.

She chose six pillows from the Navy Admiral Collection. The rich navy blue that gives the touch of elegance to the pillows from this collection is perfect for someone who wants the classic and eternal nautical style in their yacht or home.

Turquoise blue pillows for a wave of exotic freshness

Our new client from USA also wanted a touch of freshness for her space. The exotic turquoise blue from the Royal Ocean Collection provides exactly that – a wave of freshness. Since these pillows are suitable with various colour combinations, the four pieces that she ordered will match perfectly with the pillows from the Navy Admiral Collection.

We are sure that the new owner will love her new pillows and we are impatiently waiting for her reaction.

As we speak or rather, as I write ;-), the pillows are on their way to the States this very moment. What else to say, either than Bon Voyage  😀