Frey Luxury – Outfitting Yacht’s Around the WorldIn our last blog, we mentioned how we manufactured and shipped 10 Frey Luxury pillows across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to U.S.A. Well, that was not their final destination...

Today they cruise the extraordinary Caribbean Sea as a part of a luxury yacht charter (which needed a new yacht outfitting) from the exotic Cayman Islands.  We couldn’t imagine a more suitable place for Frey Luxury Pillows to be  😉


As you can see, they are also in great company. Three beautiful contestants of Miss Universe 2016 are enjoying the comfort and softness of Frey Luxury decorative pillows during a fun photo-shoot  😀




We are positive that the future passengers will also enjoy them, as a part of the yacht decor and as comfortable accessories during their cruises, both in the interior and exterior of the yacht  🙂


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