Frey color trends 2017

Frey color trends 2017

New Year – New beginning – New trends

New Year, a year full of new challenges in Frey, we will mark with natural and bold colors – they are inexhaustible inspirations for  new ideas, creations, styles and projects that await us in 2017. These are the colors that spark emotion in all of us. This year they will be the focus in Frey signature for yacht interior and exterior design.

Sun, warmth and  brightness are always appealing.  Fresh yellow details combined with beige neutral shades will cheer up any space.

Green is naturally neutral shade. The symbol of a new beginning, reawakening. A powerful, yet soothing – just like nature.

In emphasizing dimensions, depth and contrast in yacht interior or exterior spaces we will use rich and deep blue shades – the eternal nautical colors for a new and elegant impression.


White. The symbol of simplicity. With gentle lines and delicate texture of white, we will emphasize the clean yacht lines, the vastness of space and freshness. Because of its visual neutrality – white color creates powerful effects in the interior or exterior.

Frey color trend 2017

Choose a color that will mark your year, one strong detail will change your stylish environment. Find your inspiration in Frey design.