For warm and cozy feeling – color with yellow pillow collection Morning by the sea

For warm and cozy feeling – color with yellow pillow collection Morning by the sea


We have designed pillows from Morning by the sea collection in order to bring warmth in each interior and exterior of yacht or home and to bring a smile on your face.

Yellow color we combined with white and brown tones and styled them with gold motifs of coral and sea shell. A pleasant touch of warmth from the first sun rays we replicated in pillow design.

Yellow pillows

Pillows from Home collection are eye – catching in every interior. They are cheerful, warm and  striking decor that energises the space. Combine them with a few yellow details and create a warm and sunny atmosphere in interior.

Yellow pillows in home decoration

Due to fill with fine goose down feathers pillows are soft and a favorite among children. In addition to a stylish complement ambience, they are designed with easily sustainable fabric, so you can carelessly enjoy in them.

Yellow pillows in home decoration

If you miss the light in the interior, Morning by the sea pillows are definitely the best solution. In  irresistible combination with wood they emphasize the richness and depth of wood. Sun, which pillows carry within themselves refresh ambiance and give it a new dimension.

Pillows will be great in the exterior of your boat or yacht. Because of repellent fabric and UV protection, pillows evoke a game of  sunlight and sea drops.

Highlight your style with details when you expect important guests or create a cozy atmosphere and a moment for yourself.

yellow pillows on yacht decoration

Yellow pillows on yacht decoration

Create your place under the sun with Morning by the sea pillows collection.