About us

Our story


At the very beginning, Frey started as a small company, mostly doing local boat awning services. Those first little jobs didn’t stop us from dreaming of something much bigger. Our passion for creativity and creation pushed us every single day to come up with something new and refreshing for the yachting world.

Inspired by the true nautical way of life, we merged the spirit of sailing with modern design and revived it in the Frey luxurious pillow collections. That is how the sub-brand of Frey Personal Yacht Stylist – FREY LUXURY – was born.

In the process of careful creation of the collections, we always opt for soft goose feathers. A trendy pillow shape is styled with designer fabrics and unique details. Today, Frey Luxury is a supplier of decorative pillows for the needs of interior naval architects, yacht designers and yacht stewardesses.

Express your own style by choosing timeless combinations of colours and feel the magic of luxury.

And remember, Luxury is in the details.